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  1. [1CH] John

    Video of the Day

    Battle of Caen in colour, with views from both sides.
  2. [1CH] John

    Picture of the Day

    The building of the German headquarters (before and after the occupation - the House of the Red Army) in occupied Vinnitsa. Now it is a concert hall in Victory Square house number 1.
  3. [1CH] John

    Theater of War

    Another realistic fps game that is in the making, found it on a forum a while back but couldn't find the exact same forum, just came across a post on a different more dead forum, still looking for the alive forum: UE4: Realistic FPS WW2 Multiplayer Shooter - polycount Looks pretty good so far...
  4. [1CH] John

    World military marches

    Loving these marches so far. Here's one from your friends up in scotland. You either love it or loathe it.
  5. [1CH] John


    I think making a kickstarter for this would be a great idea. Just like other games, they've been put into development and then put onto kickstarter. You could think of cool different things people could get ingame or in real life for the amount of money they back. I'm pretty sure many people...