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    These forums date back to the game's origins as the Crysis mod Traction Wars. Over the years the game and internet habits have evolved and discord.gg/vanguardww2 is now the principle home of the community.

    The team continue to read and reply to posts here, but we can be contacted more quickly on Discord.

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    If anyone needs weapon info...

    If any of the Traction wars team needs specific information regarding weapons, variants of the Gewehr 43/41 rifles (As there were many sniper variants of these. ZF41, ZF39, ZF4 scopes all were mounted on the G41), or the FG42 rifle, please feel free to message me. I have a pretty large...
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    Gewehr 43

    Here's a G43 I made in blender a long time ago. Don't do much modelling anymore, but here it is.