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  1. volcol

    Thoughts on fallout 4

    My issue with the FoV is it's much more adapted to consoles ( something like 55-60) doesn't work too well with PC screens - esp as I've a large screen quite close to me. I set it to 90, problem solved :D
  2. volcol

    Thoughts on fallout 4

    I'm enjoying it - had to alter the default FoV and the FPS cap. My only major issue with it atm is the collision meshes are really quite terrible. Got stuck on wooden boxes etc a few times.
  3. volcol

    "Returning to WWII" (game discussion)

    Oh I understand the idea of games having a role in learning, I did that for my university thesis. I just don't think a game that is primarily a form of entertainment would give justice to quite how serious the topic of the holocaust might be. A virtual teaching tool, absolutely something that...
  4. volcol

    "Returning to WWII" (game discussion)

    Some interesting points they've drawn on here - however, most of them have been done in one way shape or form (just none of them in one single game). One point though has gotten me a little riled up :D. I'm aware of a few games that have touched on the idea of including/ paying homage to...
  5. volcol

    Weekend Madness! You chose!

    it's 50% off on steam :D
  6. volcol

    Weekend Madness! You chose!

    *cough* Verdun
  7. volcol

    WWIIOnline Weekend Madness!

    (I think) but it is free to play to an extent
  8. volcol

    WWIIOnline Weekend Madness!

    There is unlimited free to play you might have to activate via acc settings.
  9. volcol

    WWIIOnline Weekend Madness!

    Sorry I had to leave earlier than planned (got a dozen or so kills for 2 deaths :D ) Had to get cracking with some work :(
  10. volcol

    WWIIOnline Weekend Madness!

    Can't seem to find the TS lobby
  11. volcol

    WWIIOnline Weekend Madness!

    I might have a chat with the lead producer, see if we can get some large scale battles set up so those joining us can experience the game at its best. Watch this space.
  12. volcol

    Post some of your favorite songs here!

    I like to listen to a wide variety of things, but usually , if there's no bass or guitar to it - I'll give it a miss (there are exceptions to this rule! ) Here are my most played 4 as of this week: Muse- Reapers Lindemann - Yukon Procol Harum : Conquistador(live) And my nice happy...
  13. volcol

    WWIIOnline Weekend Madness!

    I'll try find time :D will be nice playing again. I wonder if I still have my super special capital letters :D
  14. volcol

    Any other WW II games?

    I worked for wwiionline for many years :D - the graphics are a limitation of the engine, which is ancient - seriously, I think it's held together with string and tape. I've played wwiiol for 9 years, was a player for 4 years before getting on board as an art intern. There's nothing like it...
  15. volcol

    Traction War's Competitors

    As for a proper teaser - this might suffice : http://i.gyazo.com/2419eb7046454ca4f74ee35b7e0a437d.png
  16. volcol

    Some light relief... |56k Warning|

    Awesome. I miss wwiionline so damn much - but was too busy working on it D: This is by far my favourite video
  17. volcol

    The Christmas Truce (Verdun)

    Perhaps a little cheeky for me to post this here but Verdun is a project I've helped contribute towards for a long while now. This year there will be an extended Christmas truce event, taking place between in game battles/skirmishes. While it's not necessarily 100% accurate in some aspects, it...
  18. volcol


    We're exceedingly busy behind the scenes at the moment. Things are looking very promising and please do stay tuned for some nice shiny new content and updates in the future! For now, we have a little piece to honour those who fought in the many conflicts of the 20th and 21st century...
  19. volcol

    What games are you playing?

    on and off Verdun - its interesting seeing how the ww1 warfare can be portrayed in an FPS. Some maps work - some less so ... but good fun :)