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  1. Feldmeijer


    I'm afraid we have, yes.
  2. Feldmeijer

    So.. where are we?

    Well, was I wrong. Lol.
  3. Feldmeijer

    Turning Over a New Leaf

    Holy crap guys. I expected a lot of things... but not this! Good job!!!!!!
  4. Feldmeijer

    So.. where are we?

    Hey there ya'll. How have you all been? I haven't done my best to keep in touch with the game, but coming back once more to this lovely community I've started to wonder something. Now I'll have to admit that this isn't perhaps very nice, maybe even a bit rude. The developers do not owe use...
  5. Feldmeijer

    Silent Hunter III 50% off on Steam

    Save 50% on Silent Hunter® III on Steam So yeah uh, one of the best Subsims is for sale! Of course it has its age but... Jawohl Herr Kaleun! And that only for 2,49€! Combine that with the oh-so amazing and unforgiving GWX 3.0 mod and I can assure you, you'll be having one heck of a time. Very...
  6. Feldmeijer

    I'd love to see some gameplay videos

    Hi all, No matter what you say, Traction Wars has kept it promise of keeping us informed about the game's progress. However, I have yet to see real gameplay footage, something which I am sure many of you would love. I'm not too sure if the game is ready or in a stage to deliver that, but it...
  7. Feldmeijer

    Picture of the Day

    Erm, not really a picture, but here's a video of Confederate civil war veterans doing the "Rebel Yell"
  8. Feldmeijer

    Battalion 1944

    Ew-ew... VonMudra, shall we trow this one into our microwave as well? :)
  9. Feldmeijer

    Picture of the Day

    Right... some of our politicians came up with the genious idea of demanding land instead of money after the war from the Germans. Can't say I dislike the idea... :p Rough translation to English: "German Money, German signatures, German promises are Worthless For our flooded polders, destroyed...
  10. Feldmeijer

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    Eh... 8GB Ram.... Welp, only 6 more to go! By the time it will be released I'll most likely have a new game PC tho.
  11. Feldmeijer

    Happy birthday Maniche!

    If I were to be correct... it would be your birthday, yes Maniche? :) I totally don't stalk the TW devs or anything. Nope.
  12. Feldmeijer

    Mafia III?

    Didn't even bother watching the whole trailer. Game doesn't has anything in common with the older Mafia I and II games, story seems really cheap as well. Really disappointed, Mafia II wasn't a very good game but at least it had a fun story.
  13. Feldmeijer

    Your favorite WWII related video games?

    Should make an interesting topic eh? My favorite games would consist out of Hearts of Iron III, Darkest Hour, War in the East/West (da, I haz both) and that oldy named Steel Panthers. War Thunder isn't that awful either.
  14. Feldmeijer

    Any other WW II games?

    Uh-uh, I don't really see how those two games are supposed to compare.
  15. Feldmeijer

    Blendkorper 1 H glass smoke grenade(BK-2H)

    Thanks for the video, it was really worth watching! Really shows how awful the Soviet doctrine was... Or... was our favorite propaganda department so good at editing?
  16. Feldmeijer

    Picture of the Day

  17. Feldmeijer

    Some light relief... |56k Warning|

    Talking about selfies...
  18. Feldmeijer

    Picture of the Day

    Panzerkampfwagen T-34(r) being towed out of a lake in the Balkans.
  19. Feldmeijer

    Picture of the Day

    Talking about mortars, does anyone knows which this one is?
  20. Feldmeijer

    Some light relief... |56k Warning|

    I have found a selfie of VonMudra ! Such quality reenactment going on here eh?