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  1. Sydd

    Pay Day - 2

    Hey Y'all! First off, happy new years to everyone! I hope everyone had a lot of fun! ^^ Well I hopped on steam a few days back and I had like 15 dollars lying around so I was wondering what to do with it and I noticed payday 2 was on sale, so I picked it up.. Does anyone else have payday 2 as...
  2. Sydd

    Thoughts on fallout 4

    So, I am wondering how many of us have bought this game, I had the budget to purchase 2 games after building a high end rig and I went ahead and pre ordered Hitman and Assassin's creed, learnt about fall out 4 and submitted a ticket for refund on Assassins creed, so just to be sure, is the game...
  3. Sydd

    Post some of your favorite songs here!

    G'day! I wonder if there are people in the community with the same problem as me.. I listen to very selective type of music and I get bored of them fairly soon, which makes looking for songs rather difficult. So I made this thread so that everyone can share their favorite songs and we all can...
  4. Sydd

    Suggestions/Questions based on the 2nd update on Pegasus Bridge

    So we are all extremely excited after taking a look at those lovely screenshots, it was indeed a treat to the eyes! However after reading that summary I am sure I speak for most of us, if not all that there are certain questions that would rise, namely: 1. Since it has been confirmed that we...
  5. Sydd

    New GPU

    Hey Guys, So urm my goal with my gaming rig is to ensure that it is capable of running all the newest games with ease. CPU: Intel Core I7 4790k @4ghz Ram: Corsair vengeance 2x8gb (16gb) @ 2133mhz GPU: Asus GeForce GTX 680, 2gb. So one thing I have learned in my life is that I am ignorant, I'd...