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  1. Xanderman

    Update 0.5.7 – Coming Friday

    Glad to see you're still working on this. I'll definitely check this update out!
  2. Xanderman

    Game Update – 0.5.6

    Keep it up guys, been on holiday so I haven't been able to play recently. Hopefully will jump on this weekend.
  3. Xanderman

    Dev Update – Feature Roadmap

    Loving the dedication by the dev team, keep it up guys!
  4. Xanderman

    VOIP Not Working

    Just went on the server EU2, neither me, my friend or any of the team could communicate using voice chat. Please take a look at this!
  5. Xanderman

    Marketing and Increasing the playerbase

    Hello once again, my friend and I took part in the Saturday stream event from around 7PM to 10PM BST (the server crashed) and I must say I had a great time. However side stepping the gameplay issues, I'd like to talk about the marketing and playerbase of the game. The playerbase as it stands, is...
  6. Xanderman

    Xanderman's minicritique and suggestions - 06/04/2019

    Introduction Hi guys, glad the game has finally released! Before I give my thoughts, I'd just like to respond to some of the unfair criticisms I've seen on the steam discussions and reviews: 1) "7 years for this! Very disappointed!" - Firstly, the dev team is quite small with fairly limited...
  7. Xanderman


    Hi Guys, been watching a bunch of gameplay videos and I've noticed that night maps are very dark (obviously, duh). Hear me out though, it seems that these maps are often so dark that people struggle to see enemies and often teamkill their allies by mistake. Like the ingenious chap that I am, I...
  8. Xanderman

    Suppression effects

    I agree to a certain extent, mainly to do with the level of blur on screen when suppressed but for the most part I do actually like the suppression system implemented as it reminds me of BF3 and RO2. I think the random twitch motions from near misses would be a great addition along with greater...
  9. Xanderman

    Live Stream Incoming!

    Very good, looking forward to release. Are you going to upload the full stream to youtube at some point? I missed it unfortunately.
  10. Xanderman

    The finishing touches

    As ShotgunRCAF has already stated, the launch of a new game (Especially a new IP) is make or break time. You've got one shot at making a good impression on new players and if you fluff it...well your game has had it. To avoid this: take your time (please!), iron out the bugs, sharpen up the...
  11. Xanderman

    Beta Footage

    Looks top notch, can't wait to play!
  12. Xanderman

    How will team work be encouraged within and between squads?

    Title says it all really but I'm curious if there are any mechanics to encourage people to focus on team play rather than lone wolfing? Sorry if this has been asked before.
  13. Xanderman

    So.. where are we?

    I imagine you must be nearing an alpha build that you'll be able to show off?
  14. Xanderman

    How is progress coming along?

    As the title says, it's been 'all quiet on the western front' lately. Just wondering how the game is progressing and if there's a big update in the works?
  15. Xanderman

    State of the Game

  16. Xanderman

    Melee Combat

    Hello, haven't been on the forum in a while and I was thinking about how the melee combat would be implemented in the game? I was thinking about this because, RO2, one of my favourite games of all time has a very clunky/unintuitive melee system which can lead to some very comedic moments that...
  17. Xanderman

    German voice acting?

    Will the Germans in this game talk in English with German accents or Actual German. If this hasn't been decided yet could I please recommend you use actual German language voice acting. I can't understand what my soldier or his fellow comrades would be saying but it would be more immersive. In...
  18. Xanderman

    How will the game start?

    After looking at what the first chapter entails, I was wondering, how will matches start? Will there be a cinematic before a battle to set the scene, i.e the British paratroopers in the gliders landing in the fields while the Germans start setting up their defensive postions or will it just be a...