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    Vanguard 1944 Play Event! Saturday! 2 EST/ 7 UTC / 11am PST - Server.
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    PLAY EVENT! SAT NOV 30 2019

    Vanguard 1944 Play Event! Saturday! 2 EST/ 7 UTC / 11am PST - Server.
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    PLAY EVENT! SAT 23 NOV 2019

    Vanguard 1944 Play Event! Saturday! 2 EST/ 7 UTC / 11am PST - Server.
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    Hey brother Discord is more active. For US players, join us at Join the | Discord Server! and sign up for Vanguard 1944 notifications in #whosisplayingnow channel. When looking for players, you can tag other Vanguard folks by tagging @Notify Me - Vanguard 1944 and...
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    Sound Additions

    Stand alone OST would be nice. I'd love to purchase it and listen to it when I'm driving or working on maps. Like I do with other great OST's of similiar style.
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    Steam Group

    I have made a Steam Group since some people who don't use Discord or these forums want to be notified there instead. Steam Community :: Group :: Vanguard: Normandy 1944 Please join and spread the word.
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    Sound Additions

    - Add battle/gunfight/tank fight ambiences off in the distance (faint) to make the game feel more alive and not so quiet/dead. - Add capturing noise, like, maybe an electronic noise/trinkering noise or radar/radio noise
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    A few suggestions on first impression

    Thank you for adding some of these!
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    Update 0.5.7 – Coming Friday

    VERY EXCITED. Keep up the great work!!!
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    The Hi I'm New Thread

    While most of my favourite WW2 games are from 2004. I am VERY excited for Vanguard. I run the Discord community. Join us! I run the Vanguard 1944 server for North America. But we also have many European members! Hope to see you guys in game!
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    Backer & Game Update

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    A few suggestions on first impression

    PLEASE let us cancel the capture of objective. Playing 1 vs 1 and such right now is almost pointless as an attacker when you can't get out to defend yourself. Everyone I have played with has mentioned this. Must have!
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    Map Ideas Thread

    Narvik in BFV is beautiful. But since its not 1944, does that count? Haha.
  14. Legacy & also Steam Group

    I believe it would also be a good idea to own these domains and have them redirect/forward to vanguardww2. A lot of people call the game Vanguard 1944 (V1944). In terms of internet search presence and marketing? Update Steam Group Name and Info - I know it might not be frequented as much as...
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    A few suggestions on first impression

    - MAP BUG LION - Building with the fire in it has some floating bricks at the top. Missing faces on the model perhaps? Also the fire should kill us perhaps, or, be blocked off. - Grenade count in the HUD does not increase when you reload ammo using ammo supply box - MAP BUG Merville - truck...
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    Did someone say PARTY?

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    Map Ideas Thread

    CARENTAN. Its just such a classic map. Perhaps. I dunno. Haha.
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    A few suggestions on first impression

    - Add the title of the map (like how you have it on the ESC loadout screen) to top of the TAB scoreboard screen too.
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    Lookin good

    Discord is amazing. I also run a community for it at Join the | Discord Server! You can turn off email notifications. Just play around with the settings for Discord. Download the app itself Download Discord for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android instead of using the...
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    Marketing / Advertising

    Yeah I agree!