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  1. Miller786

    heroes of the west released on steam featuring the brits!

    the mod for ro2 gets a steam build! its far from perfect but the brits are looking amazing
  2. Miller786

    WWIIOL update

    It's amazing! wwiiol got an update! at first i couldnt believe it but hell, this is real and i highly suggest you to check out and try this awesome game. Sweet new textures and much more! Changlog here...
  3. Miller786

    Panzerlied got stolen :( (gremans crei nao)

    I dont really know who originally made this music but i think panzerlied is the original one Just listen
  4. Miller786

    Resistance and liberation

    OMG this game game is soooo good, IF YOU ARE WATCHING THIS TOPIC go to ur steam, library, tools, install source sdk and sdk base 2007 then google Resistance and liberation and install it. Good, now that you've installed the game i can tell u why it's so awesome, it has realistic wounds, for...
  5. Miller786

    Sniper elite 2 gratis on steam

    Sniper elite 2 is free on steam for 24 hours! grab your copy now xD P.S.: made a typo in the title, "gratis" means "free" in italian
  6. Miller786

    Waaaar Thundeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! simulator mode

    Didnt find any WT topic, however just wanted to share my last game in Simulator mode (for the pros :p) on my faithful bf110c4 (thank god they buffed it in this update, it was slow as hell in 1.37) here's the link to the screenshots, even if i lost, it was a nice match that lasted for 15 minutes...
  7. Miller786

    Huge updates for games.

    These days i noticed that the patches for games are becoming really huge without adding that much. For example the Wt patch 1.39 , it just added a few planes and modified some others, why does it weight 4 GBs? Also the Ro2 patch that finally arrived, what it adds is basically 2 new vehicles and...
  8. Miller786

    WW2 online

    Hello guys, just wanted to know what do you think about it, do you like/dislike it? Why? Are you subbed or f2p? Share your good/terrible experiences with the game! Also, who's the guy that worked on it in the dev team?What can you tell us from behind the scenes? xD
  9. Miller786

    Getting on trees and digging holes and fortifications

    How about a feature that makes you able to climb on trees and digging holes (something like ww2ol)?
  10. Miller786

    The lethal joke

    this historical accurate weapon is a must-do for the game xD
  11. Miller786

    Will i be able to run TW?

    Hey guys, im new to the community and i would like to say that your game looks awesome, i followed you for a while and i finally decided to register to the forum. So my first question is if i will be able to run the game. My PC specs: Intel core i5-2400S 2.5GHz RAM: 4GB AMD Radeon HD 6750M...