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  1. calgoblin

    Backer & Game Update

    @Eraneva @Bluemaster1981 Whoops! You can go HERE to redeem, which you can also find in the main forum section under Kickstarter Rewards!
  2. calgoblin

    Dev Update – Feature Roadmap

    It just requires a lot of work unfortunately, the main reason we haven't implemented it already!
  3. calgoblin


    It's very high on our list yes! Appreciate the difficulty with other keyboards, we'll have keybindings very soon.
  4. calgoblin

    2 bugs

    Thanks for the feedback @Kevino , first one sounds very strange... We'll have a look into that. The invisible gun was due to shaders compiling on the first load, it shouldn't happen again!
  5. calgoblin

    Some feedback 5.4.2019

    Thanks @Ray appreciate the feedback! We'll look into these issues, but glad you have had fun with it!
  6. calgoblin


    Yes, team-killing has been an issue, especially on the night maps. Most of that has been down to certain instances where the UI hasn't loaded properly meaning the player markers haven't been displayed on top of your squad and teammates. We've been hard at work squashing those bugs though! As...
  7. calgoblin

    Beta Footage

    Comms in the video were done via Discord. We're working on integrated VOIP, whether this will be a feature though I'm not yet sure. Still playing around with the 'spectator cam', a first-person view of a teammate is on our radar.
  8. calgoblin

    simulation ?

    Hi @did, welcome to the forum. Vanguard is not a simulation game. Instead the game aims for historically accurate locations, equipment and scenarios, and aims to make the combat intense, accessible and fun. Squad leaders will have minimal extra features at launch but aimed to be expanded through...
  9. calgoblin

    Playing Dead

    I've seen this implemented in a couple of games before, and its always felt like a poor mechanic - the player playing dead never really gains anything from it. Something to think about though.
  10. calgoblin

    Kickstarter Launch! - Onwards and Upwards...

    Thanks! Tell your friends, share it everywhere ;) Q4 2018 is the expected release into early access yes.
  11. calgoblin

    What have you made recently?

    Made a sweet trailer for this cool WW2 game, dunno if you heard of it... ;)
  12. calgoblin

    So.. where are we?

    (In all seriousness though there is lots being done just not to be shown. Yet.)
  13. calgoblin

    Most anticipated game

    Looked back at the first page of this thread to see hannibaldinski looking forward to Battlefield 3... Awkward Don't actually have anything on my radar right now, but I am certain of what General Naga is anticipating...
  14. calgoblin

    What have you made recently?

    I have much enjoyed watching Stranger Things recently, and had that theme stuck in my head the whole time. So I made an orchestral cover of it, in all its colourful glory.
  15. calgoblin

    What have you made recently?

    Strange sound design for visual particle things that look pretty:
  16. calgoblin

    Some light relief... |56k Warning|

    Poor CoD...
  17. calgoblin

    Rocket League!

    Anyone play it / want to play? Could make a little TWs team or league or something where we could pull of great failures shots like this: rocketleague GIF | Create, Discover and Share on Gfycat
  18. calgoblin

    What have you made recently?

    Piano version of the theme from Uncharted, which I'm a little excited about. Also testing some things in After Effects with midi triggered and altered particles!
  19. calgoblin

    Battalion 1944

    Just think of all the cookies we could afford...
  20. calgoblin

    Your ideal game

    I think I've said it before, once we've shown the game off at the best then we'll be moe open to sharing some of the hilarious glitches.