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  1. calgoblin

    Rocket League!

    Anyone play it / want to play? Could make a little TWs team or league or something where we could pull of great failures shots like this: rocketleague GIF | Create, Discover and Share on Gfycat
  2. calgoblin

    Games of 2015

    As the year is nearly over, what was your favourite game of the last 12 months? Simply post your favourite game and a couple of reasons why! Maybe your favourite game was Battlefront because you like snow and lightsabers, or maybe Project Cars because you like pretty cars and driving, or maybe...
  3. calgoblin

    Valve's New Paid-for Mods

    Valve recently unveiled a new scheme for modders of certain games to monetise their mods. It isn't Steam-wide, and requires individual publishers to activate it in their games, and is only available so far for Skyrim, a game that has a large modding community that is actively supported by...
  4. calgoblin

    2014 in Review...

    A new year is upon us so lets do what everything always does at this time of year: reminisce. So what was your best moment, favourite game or biggest disappointment of the year? If it happened this year, then it counts. And also what are you looking forward to next year, be it a game, or...
  5. calgoblin

    The Doctor Who Thread

    Now there is a place for us Doctor Who fans to come together and discuss all things Who on these forums! No longer shall we be oppressed and left to stand in the shadows... (Yes, this is an appreciation thread.) Anyway... A new Doctor has taken over, with a difficult job of taking over the...
  6. calgoblin

    Steam Summer Sale 2014

    That time of year again! Whether you've been waiting for it for a while or you're desperately trying to not spend lots of money, another Steam sale has appeared. I'm treading between both of those categories, so I have a list and I WILL stick to it. Thought that probably won't happen, seeing as...
  7. calgoblin

    Battlefield 3 free on Origin

    You heard me. Battlefield 3 AND Plants Vs Zombies, for free. Completely. (Apart from surrendering your soul to EA for all eternity of course.) Download it and I'll pretend for a bit that I can play it well and beat you all online.
  8. calgoblin

    The Steam Trading Thread

    Lets trade! List what you have or what you want, we can all do our best to fulfil it! For example, I have Half Life 2: Episode 1 in my inventory and I've had it for years and I can't get rid of it. Does it appeal to anybody? (Chances are everyone has already played it so won't want it anyway...
  9. calgoblin


    Kind of crazy what varierty the Source engine is capable of. I'm not sure on this... It looks fun, but it could also be just CoD with robots. Did anyone get into the beta?
  10. calgoblin

    New Years Resolutions

    Do you have any? How likely are you to complete them? If you aren't making any, why not? Mine is simple: Upload (and therefore write) more music to my sites; 3 a month seems a realistic goal. What are yours?!?!?!!!!!
  11. calgoblin

    News Update #39: Thompson Weapon Preview

    Following our last preview of the Sten Mk.II SMG, we continue our weapon preview videos with the Thompson M1A1 sub machine gun. This iconic weapon was modelled and textured by [TWDEV] brrr, animated by [TWDEV] chad509, and with SFX by [TWCON] EAR. All of our preview videos are heavily...
  12. calgoblin

    News Update #38: Sten Weapon Preview

    Following our latest Dev Blog "From High To Low" we present a short video preview of the Sten Mk.II, which was modelled and textured by [TWDEV] brrr, animated by [TWDEV] chad509, and with SFX by [TWDEV] calgoblin. We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest developer...
  13. calgoblin

    Gta v

    Might as well start this up seeing as it's a week away and will very quickly become all I'm doing with my life :P I am 95% certain it will come out PC in 2014, but may as well keep my PS3 going for a few more months xD
  14. calgoblin

    Steam Summer Sale

    It's that time again folks, the annual Steam Summer sale where us PC gamers can throw money at the screen and get a lot more back for it. This year it seems Valve have thrown the new Steam Trading Cards into the mix as you can gain them as you spend, although - like the rest of Steam trading...
  15. calgoblin

    The E3 2013 Thread

    Next week is essentially the national week of gamers, in which many enthusiasts and press flock to the Los Angeles Convention Centre to get the first peek at all the juicy new games on offer in the coming months. It all kicks off on the 10th of June with the Microsoft conference, where the...
  16. calgoblin

    The Room 101 Thread

    Room 101 is an unimaginably torturous room originating from a novel by George Orwell. I thought it'd be fun to do our own version, where you can argue what you'd put into Room 101 within a certain topic which is: Gaming. So what thing related to Gaming would you like to see locked away and...
  17. calgoblin

    An Acoustical Experiment Involving YOU

    I would like your help, fellow Traction Wars community members and developers, with a scientific musical experiment! Don't all jump up at once, there's plenty of space for all. First of all, this isn't a hearing test, it is merely a university experiment of perceptual audio masking. In order...
  18. calgoblin

    Favourite Soundtrack

    New game! What's you favourite soundtrack? From a game, film, broccoli advert, whatever. To keep the thread readable, only post one track from the soundtrack, from Youtube or where ever. Together we can create a thread full of calming (or not) soundtrack pieces, that can give us a few moments...
  19. calgoblin

    The Official Traction Wars Olympic Discussion Thread

    After waiting over a week for someone to make a thread about it, here is The Official Traction Wars Olympic Discussion Thread, sponsored by McDonalds.* I think we should have had a typically British Olympics. Just because you host something in a country doesn't mean you're embracing all of...
  20. calgoblin

    Top 5 Games

    I don't think this has been done before on here, in which case it has to be done. To counter my shameful self-plug, lets make lists of our top 5 games. Two reasons: 1) I like a nice list, and 2) I can't point and judge you on your choices! See, it's FUN! Anyway here's mine. It's probably...