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  1. hannibaldinski

    News Update #58: 3Dception Announced

    You don't need 5.1 for this technology. Also another example. (note that this is just a recording. Programming it in realtime is way more difficult.) I highly recommand this with some headphones and just closing your eyes.
  2. hannibaldinski

    War of Rights

    Yey, War of Rights got funded and still two das to go :D lets see what they are able to achieve!
  3. hannibaldinski

    Project Reality Weekend Madness II

    Yea nice! I think im able to join that sunday!
  4. hannibaldinski

    Totally Off-Topic Thread

    Drones filming over Syria. Feels so unreal. Gives a complete different perspective.
  5. hannibaldinski

    Resistance and Liberation is being remade

    What factions/fronts are they focussing? Seems US vs Germany? That would be nice as we currently do British vs Germans [emoji14]
  6. hannibaldinski

    WWIIOnline Weekend Madness!

    Cant join sadly. I need to party. Next time!
  7. hannibaldinski

    Post some of your favorite songs here!

    I just want to share my latest concert at Paradiso Amsterdam. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. It was bloody amazing. Halfway they unplugged - rare for rock concert - and played some songs. I think this was one or maybe the best concert ive seen and ive seen a lot :P
  8. hannibaldinski

    I need some help

    Hello there peoples! Im currently writing my thesis which needs to be finished very soon... Though I need some extra research to compliment my conclusion and therefor I need some people that are willing to test a website and awnser a couple of questions. - It will only take like 5 to 8...
  9. hannibaldinski

    WWIIOnline Weekend Madness!

    oh those bloody ropes... A pleasure to meet you all and it was good fun! Ill prob see you next week then (:
  10. hannibaldinski

    Movie vs game vs cinematic

    To anwser this question you have to sort of know what is really happening. If you would remove all the effects, colours and textures you'll end up that looks a bit like this: http://cdn.overclock.net/5/55/55a3c36a_c9bi.jpeg You wil see lots and lots of lines. Each making a small triangles...
  11. hannibaldinski

    Mafia III?

    Agree good game. It was a bit linear, but that isnt automaticly bad. Though replayability was non existing.
  12. hannibaldinski

    REAL augmented reality gaming

    OEH even better solution. Add an LEAP motion to your head so you can track your hand movements :D Then you dont need al those fancy electronics for you gun.
  13. hannibaldinski

    REAL augmented reality gaming

    Buying a Oculus is cheaper then a 3d printer so your maybe better of buying an oculus. But 3d printer is a tool so you can print much more then phonemounts. In future they will be as cheap as normal printers. Current phones are capable for sure but its not real 3d as you would need two camera's...
  14. hannibaldinski

    REAL augmented reality gaming

    Next version oculus coming out this summer. With headtracking and HD screen :) But i a little competition is good i think
  15. hannibaldinski

    REAL augmented reality gaming

    Oeh 2 years ago? :p Didn't event notice myself. But this is really easy to build now. Oculus isn't magic. You can build one yourself very easily. 3D print a mount where you put your phone infront of you eyes and project two slightily offset images on the phone. Then use the camera to film your...
  16. hannibaldinski

    What have you made recently?

    I'm currently working on a balance board for rehabilitation. We've pimped an ordinary board with a motion sensor, LED's and Bluetooth. This means we can connect it to a PC or TV and use it as a controller and hopefully make rehabilitation more fun.
  17. hannibaldinski

    What games are you playing?

    and they didn't want to play with me :( I was online tooo......
  18. hannibaldinski

    Picture of the Day

    A liberated Jew holds a Nazi at gunpoint
  19. hannibaldinski

    Picture of the Day

    Stalin goofing around
  20. hannibaldinski

    Picture of the Day

    "German air raid on Moscow in 1941"