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    These forums date back to the game's origins as the Crysis mod Traction Wars. Over the years the game and internet habits have evolved and discord.gg/vanguardww2 is now the principle home of the community.

    The team continue to read and reply to posts here, but we can be contacted more quickly on Discord.

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  1. PanzerGrenadier

    Just made a subreddit for Vanguard: Normandy 1944

    I just found out about this game's very exciting new direction from a reddit post over at r/pcgaming. I've been following this title since roughly 2013 and was shocked to see that there were no subs yet dedicated either to Traction Wars or the new name. So I've gone ahead and taken the liberty...
  2. PanzerGrenadier

    So what's been up with TW?

    Had been keeping up with the game early on but forgot about it for over a year and just remembered it now. Is this game still planned to be released in the 18-24 month period or has that been pushed back now?
  3. PanzerGrenadier

    How medics should be incorporated if they come

    1. Combat Medics, no one wants to play as an unarmed or barely armed soldier with giant "shoot me" crosses all over their apparel, they should be armed with a Rifle/SMG just like any other regular infantryman. 2. No magical reviving or healing of people, the Medic should do exactly what he did...