Early Access Steam


Vanguard Friend
I know this game is going to Early Access in February and I noticed you don't have all the animations in game, like jump to climb, vault etc. Just wondering what the plan was and what will be implemented before the EA releases on Steam.

It is important that Vanguard gets good reviews, from my experience people are hard on games that are missing key animations, they get frustrated because they can't jump over a fence as an example and they don't understand that EA is about helping developers finish the game.

Reviews are what decides whether your game is on the front page of the Steam Store or in the basement where no one sees it, so it is important that the game runs as smooth as possible, not saying everything should be in final release state, but make sure that what has been implemented is working as smooth as possible.

Looking forward to February, keep up the good work and have a Happy New Years everyone.
Indeed; with all the realism FPS clones running around, Vanguard better be polished and stand out, better safe than sorry on this regard, doesn't hurt to take it a slower but more concise pace. Not only are the devs around here idealistic, but the game is in pretty darn juvenile phase - a phase that must be abused in order to gain the most out of it before being exposed.