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General Naga

Pathfinder Games
As we head into the last 5 days of our Kickstarter Campaign we wanted to share a new video with you explaining how our unique Raid gamemode works and what you can expect from this first gamemode.

We have also reviewed our stretch goals and made some adjustments for the final days. Our updated Stretch Goals are:

£ 13,000 – Canadian Forces
Storm Juno Beach as the Canadians and push inland to Caen – fight in the small towns and villages of Normandy and on iconic hard-fought battlefields such as Carpiquet Airfield.

£ 15,000 – Free French Forces
Be part of the first troops to refuse defeat and land on Sword Beach as the Free French who fought side-by-side with the elite British Royal Marine Commandos.

£ 20,000 – Squad Leader Abilities
Call in fire support by providing your squad with artillery barrages and smoke cover with this stretch goal.

We are making a big push over the remaining few days to raise more awareness for the project and the Kickstarter but your assistance in spreading the word makes a real difference. If you have squadmates, clanmates, gaming buddies or anyone who you think may be interested please invite them to join our community, get involved and back the project.

You can join in the conversation by keeping up with updates to the campaign here and on our website, forums, Twitter, Facebook and Discord.

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Those bolt action rifle kickbacks and sounds are still so sexy to me. Glad to see how the respawn system worked out though. Puts more emphasis on strategic teamplay and doing your part instead of ramboing it up and having to wait around for the next reinforcement wave.


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All I can say is. Im looking forward to the day when I get to play this game. I went to kick starter & did what I could.
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