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Hi Guys, been watching a bunch of gameplay videos and I've noticed that night maps are very dark (obviously, duh). Hear me out though, it seems that these maps are often so dark that people struggle to see enemies and often teamkill their allies by mistake. Like the ingenious chap that I am, I started to think of in-game methods to get around this issue without artificially increasing the brightness.

One solution I settled on, would be the addition of flares to an officers/squad leaders kit so that they can launch a flare to increase the visibility. If implemented correctly this could add another tactical element to the game. A squad leader would have to decide, if and when to use a flare knowing full well that it will reveal both his and the enemy troops. Would love to hear your thoughts to see what other people have come up with to resolve this issue. Sorry if this has already been mentioned before.


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Yes, team-killing has been an issue, especially on the night maps. Most of that has been down to certain instances where the UI hasn't loaded properly meaning the player markers haven't been displayed on top of your squad and teammates. We've been hard at work squashing those bugs though!

As for the flares, this is something we have experimented with before to mixed results. Visual bugs aside, they didn't really add much to the gameplay because, as you say, they reveal ALL the soldiers, and also gave away where you were attacking from. We haven't abandoned them completely though, its something we may look at again in the future.

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hmm....very interesting thoughts.....

while flares would give away all players and you the shooter as well.....it IS real life...!! thats what happened if some dumb bell launched a flare while his squad was trying to hide.....

i wouldnt mind seeing red or green flares light up the night sky for a few moments.....
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