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Alright, I'm sure many of you are aware of this game with a very interesting concept, but here's for everyone who still hasn't heard of it...


What is Foxhole?
Foxhole is a massively multiplayer game where you will work with hundreds of players to shape the outcome of a persistent online war. This is the ultimate game of collaborative strategy and tactics. Every action you take can have a powerful and permanent effect across a vast world in a constant state of war.

Key Features

Player Autonomy - Every solider is controlled by a player. Players ARE the content.

  • Sandbox warfare, where players determine the narrative of a long term war
  • Emergent strategies and tactics make every part the war feel unique
  • Your character stays active in the world even after you've gone offline
  • Build your capacity to contribute to the war by acquiring resources, crafting, and building

Persistent World - Join hundreds of players in a shared, war torn universe.

  • Capture and setup supply lines to keep your frontline well equipped
  • Execute long term strategies that take weeks of planning, changing the tide of the war with minimal casualties
  • Conquer and relinquish territories in a back and forth, high stakes conflict
  • Play as a persistent character throughout the war, gaining notoriety and influence among your faction

Realistic Combat - Tense and cerebral battles that keep you on the edge of your seat.

  • Ammunition, resources, and information are limited, requiring players to work together to survive
  • Dynamic battle conditions: Use the time of day and terrain features to gain an advantage
  • Combat where skills and strategy matter more than stats or XP points
  • Reconnaissance is as important as firepower

Basically, it's like SQUAD/PR(the tactics), Heroes and Generals/Company of Heroes/Men of War (the strategy) and Battlefied Heroes/Team Fortress (the look and feel) had a baby following a giant orgy. It takes some of the most interesting features from those games and puts it into an exciting and addicting new package that will just make you unable to stop playing!

The lore is the following: The Great Wars have been going on for ages. The technology has ebbed and flowed to materialize into something resembling WW2 tech level. The two factions, the Wardens (very loosely based on Imperial Germans/French) and the Colonials (loosely based on the Americans/British) engage in a constant and bitter struggle over the territories of this fictional universe.

(Meta disclaimer): On the Colonial side teamwork is still somewhat less common, therefore the Wardens have been steamrolling them lately (due to a greater percentage of clans getting involved and generally bigger player count). Join Colonials if you want to help the underdogs, or Wardens if you want to play with people who know what they are doing.

The game is being developed by an ambitious Canadian studio based in Toronto. So of course it's bound to be good! (When was the last thing you heard something bad come from Canada ? :p)

I encourage everyone to try it out while we're waiting for the goodness that is Traction Wars. I also encourage the devs to try it out and see how other games are trying to achieve the goal of getting random public players to work together towards a common goal.

Interesting. I was initially turned off by the almost iPad app-looking nature, but some of the mechanics seem neat, especially that it's properly persistent with day and night. Look more at the gameplay it reminds me a lot of Running With Rifles. Perhaps I will keep an eye on it!
I have about 400 hours in foxhole atm, It has been a really fun ride so far - there have been issues with gameplay - but the devs are super active and reduced the problems with Tking/Greifing etc and are always fixing bugs or tweaking to make it better.

It's about to get it's release on steam later this week where it cost to buy.

Here are the models foxholegame on Sketchfab - Sketchfab
Been playing Fxohole for months now. The game goes paid early-access tomorrow along with an update adding light tanks.

They ought to have a new trailer up by tomorrow.
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