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Map Usage

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So I was wondering how TW will give each team the time to plan their strategy before a game starts. Will there be a minute or so for commanders to tell their SLs what they are to do? Im assuming so in which case will commanders have an opportunity to "draw" where they want their SLs to go on the map(almost like in sports when they draw on the screen image)


Actually we've discussed this before, it would be great to have a timer prior to game start to organize the battle just like how PR does it. Also what this time limit does is that it allows almost all the players to join the game which gives a fair chance for everybody to grab kits/assets/squads/etc.

In PR the time is like 3-5 mins but you're allowed to create squads from 1:30-2 mins, which I find is great for everybody with different internet/computer speed.

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