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Post all the movies that will come out, like this one!


The movie Greyhound is about a career Naval officer who is put in command of a Navy destroyer. The film follows him as he battles not just the enemy, but also his self-doubt and personal demons. This new film benefits from being set in the Navy, which is seldom the focus of a WWII movie. The budget is expected to be in the mid-30 million range and with Hanks in the lead role, this has the makings of another hit for Hanks.

[MENTION=1]General Naga[/MENTION] would you mind changing the title from WWII movies to War Movies or something like that

Here is another war movie, not related to WWII. The Siege of Jadotville. In 1961, an Irish company was sent by the UN as peacekeepers to Congo but after a few days the siege began and they held for 6 days waves of Katanga and mercenaries soldiers until they surrended. Per usual, the superiors in the UN and Irish Command showed their incompetence and were unable to help the company.

Seems like a good movie, especially with it's accuracy and realism.

hahaha comments like "Mr and Mrs Smith 1940s edition" are the best. Thanks, but no thanks. Maybe I will see it during a boring and rainy Sunday
That looks horrible on many levels, plot is ****, I don't think Brad Pitt does well in WWII movies and even the CGI is terrible.


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A new short film I stumbled upon on this morning. It's pretty good!

Generation War was very good. Highly recommended!

I also recently purchased My Honor Was Loyalty, by Alessandro Pepe; its also worth a watch. Overall a good movie, the large battle scenes were really the only moments when you realized that it isn't a big budget movie....

Have you seen Generation War ? is a German serie about some friends during the WW2 in the East Front, AWESOME!

Welcome to the community Niko, and... yes! Saw Generation War a few months ago, loved every bit of it :) Oh, might want to post in white text so your post is easier to read ;)

I've only seen the trailer for My Honor Was Loyalty and it looks interesting, nice to hear it's a good film... I'll try to get my hands on it!
The level on this thread is beyond me, but I can't refrain myself to share my favourites, although you all probably know them.

First the classics: Stalingrad, Were eagles dare, Generation war (already cited) and, specially DAS BOOT. Can't stress too much how awesome that last film is (my recomendation: look for the extended version in German).

Secondly, another masterpiece (just noticed that it has 2 Oscar nominations), that sadly is less known nowadays: The battle of Algiers. It covers the 60's Algiers revolution in a way that changed the portrayal of action scenes. It feels so real that is even scary. And is one of those -few- movies that tries to avoid taking sides.


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Well, I better post my personal favorites. In no particular order:

First, Saving Private Ryan.

Then, Where Eagles Dare. A brilliant movie with a roaring soundtrack.

Next, The Guns of Navarone. This is an underrated masterpiece I think from the 60s and it is a must see.

My all time favourite though is Battle of Britain. The music, the aerial footage, the SHEER AMOUNT OF WWII PLANES, makes this my favourite movie of all time.

For a recent film, I saw "Anthropoid" which was about the Czech resistance killing a very high ranking Nazi officer. It wasn't marvelous but it was pretty good and worth a watch in my opinion.
Oooh the guns of Navarone, the ghost of childhood is smiling joyfully...

The problem of BoB is the plot though. Repetitive and dull, and the acting is subpar as well. But completely a must see for all those yummy spits. Btw, did you know that most (if not all, I don't remember exactly) of the Bf109 are in fact Spanish Buchón's? The Buchón is a post WW2 plane, made from Bf109 license-built airframes equipped with Rolls Royce Merlin. Quite an oddity, since the Merlin is huge compared to the small front of the 109.


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Yes, all the 109s were the HA-1112. The Heinkels, too, were Spanish versions, also equipped with Merlins!

About the plot. I'm such an aviation fan that it doesn't matter. You get to see The battle from many different points of view, and you get to see some of the most important engagements. As a result, the film is very historically accurate, and us plane nerds love it.

Too bad it failed at the box office and it means we probably won't get another movie like it...
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