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    These forums date back to the game's origins as the Crysis mod Traction Wars. Over the years the game and internet habits have evolved and discord.gg/vanguardww2 is now the principle home of the community.

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Hey, was going to reply to your message, but your inbox is full.

Please clear some space! :)
My bad, I thought it was! I'll have to look at getting it somehow, because I'd like to play FH2. Thanks for reminding me to get HMS Malruken, will do :D
I'll write to you here because my inbox is full. BF2 is not free. Do download the demo for the HMS Malruken or whatever so we can play together :D
Welcome. xD

Just wanted to give a personal welcome from a H&G player to say that your not alone in this brand new forum world

Have fun @GRINGOJS
You got full inbox so just going to reply here:
I dunno, f*ck that sh*t, I'm looking for new jobs here as well as in France and Australia...

That's nice nonetheless! Hope she likes it!

As for Tapatalk, I thought they had a chat system or something like that, but nah, it's just a PM...
Flying! You really need a new nic, I need to think of something... Anyways, I was wondering will we be doing anything this weekend?