How to Play


  1. Lives are limited, do not waste them.
  2. Players spawn in waves, triggered automatically when the whole team is dead or manually by an NCO.
  3. The defenders can see alive players and remaining waves for both teams. The attackers can only see their own!
  4. Use the compass to your advantage! Accessible on the Tactical HUD (default = “T”)
  5. Use each squad role wisely! Each kit has advantages and disadvantages.
  6. When there are no defender lives remaining, the top player on the team will respawn on their own at the “Last Man Standing”. See below for more info...
  7. Communication is vital. Use Ctrl (squad voice chat) to talk to your squadmates.
  8. You cannot customise your keybindings (yet!). You can see the default bindings below or in the options menu.


Raid is an objective-based gamemode played with one team of attackers and one team of defenders.

Each level is separated into several stages, containing multiple objectives. The attackers must work together to capture any one objective in a stage to advance to the next stage. The defenders must prevent the attackers from capturing any of the objectives to prevent the attackers completing the stage. If the attackers capture an objective in the final stage they win.

Each level is separated into phases, each with multiple objectives that can be captured in each phase. The attackers must work together to capture each phase, and the defenders must be repeal the assault.


The attackers (British) must capture ONE objective in order to advance onto the next stage. By doing so, they gain more time and a reinforcement wave. The attackers can choose which objective the want to capture, and how they want to capture it but they have limited time to capture an objective

Victory is secured by capturing an objective on the final stage of the map.

Communication is key. A well-disciplined squad will plan out their assault carefully, perhaps choosing to flank or push multiple objectives simultaneously. Working lone-wolf is not advised, and can result in an early death and a wasted life for your team.


The defenders (German) must stop the assault at all cost. By halting the attack at any one of the stages, the defenders will be victorious. But allowing objectives to be captured will result in being pushed back to the next stage.

Victory is secured by wiping out all of the lives of the attackers, or by the timer reaching ZERO.

A strong defence is vital in ensuring the objective do not fall. Squad-mates should work together to make sure each objective is secured and the primary attack routes are covered. Communication is key to know where the attackers are advancing and to ensure they are kept under observation. Use the Tactical Menu (default = “T”) to your advantage!


If the defender’s waves run out and all lives have been lost, the highest scoring player will respawn into Last Stand.

This repeats, cycling through the team by score until either the attackers capture an objective or the whole defending team have been killed making the “Last Stand”. Once the defender’s waves have run out, the attackers will win as soon as they capture an objective.

Attacker's HUD, showing only lives of the attacking team
Defender's HUD, showing lives and reinforcements for both teams


Each round is limited by a timer. Time is added if attackers capture an objective. If the timer reaches ZERO the defenders win.

The time available is different for each mission.

Keep an eye on how much time you have left in the round, especially as the attackers. It might not be wise to start a big flank maneuver if you are short on time!

Defender's HUD, showing lives and reinforcements for both teams


Each team has a limited amount of reinforcement waves that can be called in by the NCO (default - "N") or automatically when all players are dead.

NCOs can call in a reinforcement wave at tactical moments - perhaps to reinforce an dwindling attack or attempt to ambush the defenders. When a wave is called, all dead players will respawn at the current stage with the rest of their squad.

Reinforcement waves affect the whole team. NCOs must be careful when they use each reinforcement wave so they do not run out too early in the round.

When the attackers capture an objective, the whole team will respawn automatically. This does not affect their reinforcement wave count.


The Tactical HUD displays information about your weapon, grenades and shows a compass. This can be accessed via the Tactical Menu button (default - “T”).


When dead, you can spectate any of your teammates who are alive. This allows you to help them out, if your communication is good enough!



Strategic Shift: Reinforced

The “REINFORCED” update will bring Canadian and elite German forces to the game on a brand-new map, Carpiquet Airfield. The airfield was the location of heavy fighting during the Allies push towards the city of Caen and a critical objective of the Allies during the Normandy Campaign.

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Soundtrack Now Available on Steam!

Today we are pleased to announce the release of the game’s original soundtrack, composed by Callum Bigden on Steam.

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