Build 453: Patch Notes

We have not posted patch notes for some time, so the following is a summary of changes for the recent builds on the beta branch.


  • Changed: Redesigned capture mechanic to add “capture stages”
  • Added: Two new variants for Lion-sur-Mer
  • Added: New variants to Merville Battery


  • Added: Server analytics to help future map balancing refinements
  • Added: Keybind tip to voice chat indicator
  • Updated: Ingame maps for Pegasus Bridge and Lion-sur-Mer with more detailed versions
  • Updated: Expanded map areas of Pegasus Bridge and Lion-sur-Mer
  • Updated: Main menu events/news feed to highlight events starting soon
  • Updated: Orders prompt to auto-clear if order given manually
  • Improved: Spawn protection for defending team
  • Improved: UI transition between phases
  • Improved: Huge improvements to loading times
  • Improved: Display of spawn markers during pre-game
  • Improved: Major improvements to clarity of ingame voice comms
  • Improved: Localisation support extended
  • Fixed: Capture progress UI jumping when another player enters capture zone
  • Fixed: Map boundary glitch on Pegasus Bridge
  • Fixed: Client crash when joining an in progress game with an order marker placed
  • Fixed: Debug information being displayed to some players
  • Fixed: Client crash on joining match
  • Fixed: Scoreboard updating when player switches team
  • Fixed: Missing map localisation phrases
  • Fixed: Players not being assigned to a squad on match start
  • Optimisation/Improvements: Pegasus Bridge
  • Map fixes and improvements to Pegasus Bridge
  • Map fixes and improvements to Merville Battery
  • Map fixes and improvements to Lion-sur-Mer
  • Map fixes and improvements to Carpiquet
  • Misc. bug fixes


  • Weapons and hands are temporarily invisible when first caching after major update or install