Build 458: Patch Notes

Here are the latest patch notes ahead of the community event tomorrow.

See event announcement for details


  • Last stand player selection now goes back to the top of the defending team if every player has attempted a last stand. (Spawn delay will continue to increase after each failed last stand)


  • Updated: Increased settings confirmation wait time to 30s from 10s
  • Updated: Last stand now loops through defending team
  • Fixed: Player orientation not being reset when relocated at match countdown start
  • Fixed: Corrupted news formatting in main menu feed
  • Fixed: Some dropdown options being unselectable on settings page
  • Fixed: Miscellaneous object placement and proxies on Carpiquet
  • Fixed: Miscellaneous object placement and proxies on Merville Battery
  • Fixed: Stats bar graphs glitching onto two lines
  • Tweaked: Capture UI spacing


  • Weapons and hands are temporarily invisible when first caching after major update or install