Patch Notes & Roadmap


The roadmap is intended to give the community a flavour of what is to come in the coming weeks and months. It is not a complete to-do list, because that would be huge!

Short-term (1-2 weeks)

Bug fixes

Improvements to new player experience

Level balancing and tweaks from feedback

Initial audio options

Enhancements to server browser

Optimisation and improvements to level loading times

Text chat improvements

Fix melee animations

Improvements for NCOs

+ many, many more


Intermediate-term (~1 month)

Animation improvements

Improve level audio ambience

Tweaks to weapon audio

Continued balancing to maps and weapons

Reworked scoring system

Further optimisation of level loading times and time ingame vs.loading

Rework of SMGs & MGs handling & experience

Completed audio options

Ambient audio improvements

Weapon audio tweaks

Additional dialog lines

Future updates

Deployable Weapons


New Levels

New Weapons

Reworked squad creation experience to make playing with friends/clanmates easier

Persistent Stats


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