Become a Developer

Who Are We?

Vanguard is and has always been developed by a group of unpaid volunteers from around the world. The game has been our passion for many years.

Following the release of Vanguard: Normandy 1944 onto Steam Early Access we are continuing to update and expand on the game towards full release out of the Steam Early Access program.

Why Join The Team?

Proven • Motivated Organised Friendly


It is a sad reality that many voluntary projects do not see the light of day or reach a publicly releasable state.

The team is well established, dedicated and the game is already available on Steam Early Access. By working on Vanguard you are contributing to and helping to expand an existing game already available on Steam, which is also invaluable experience for applying for full time industry roles. 

The game is still being actively developed and expanded so there are plenty of opportunities to put your mark on the game as it evolves through Steam Early Access. 

We have a proven track record of former developers getting full time employment in the industry and we are proud to have former teammates work at Sledgehammer Games, Ubisoft, Rebellion, King, Climax Studios, nDreams, BlackMill Games and Quantic Dream.


Each member of the team has their own motivation be it for experience, fun or to improve their portfolio. Each of us however shares the same drive and passion to make the game something remarkable. 

We try wherever possible to match team members with tasks that will develop their skills and expand their knowledge


We hold regular meetings to coordinate development and to identify issues. The team also uses project management tools to oversee the development of the game to keep track of a multitude of ongoing tasks and to remain efficient as the team and game expands. 


The team has always had a warm and friendly atmosphere which is partly the reason for the unusually good retention of developers on the game until real world commitments force them to step back from the project. 

We remain in contact with many of our former teammates and it’s not uncommon for old devs to return to work on the project when their real life commitments permit.

Who Are We Looking For?

The team is always looking to expand so if you are interested please check the list below.

If you have skills which aren’t listed and want to help, please apply detailing your skills under “Position (if other)” 

Summary of non-technical positions:

  • Marketing (OPEN)
    This role involves the coordination and participation in marketing strategy to expand the game’s market visibility and audience reach to bring in new players and help build and grow the server population. If you are interested, talk to us about your ideas and how you would like to help.
  • Video Editor (OPEN)
    We are looking for someone to join us in a video editing role to help create promotional content, trailers and video clips. Experience with creating content for YouTube and social media platforms would be useful but not required.

Summary of technical positions:

  • 3D Artists (OPEN)
    Artists may expect to work on a variety of types of assets, depending on their skill and experience. We try to accommodate personal preferences in assignment of tasks but inevitably this is not always possible. High-poly modelling is not required although preferable. CRYENGINE allows us to push the number of triangles in our models but experience in low poly modelling is essential to get the most out of the available budget. For comparison Refractor 2 usually has 3,000 tris for weapon compared to ours of between 6,000-8,000+. The team uses 3D Studio Max but we had team members using Maya successfully. Experience using the CRYENGINE import pipeline would be useful but not required. We are happy to help bring new team members up to speed if they are unfamiliar with CRYENGINE tools.
  • Animator (OPEN)

    Animators may expect to mainly focus on character animations for weapons, movement and interactions. The ability to rig more complex assets such as characters although not essential is desirable.

    Our characters are rigged in Autodesk 3D Studio Max but we are open for an Animator migrating animations to Maya if they feel more comfortable using Maya over 3dsmax.

    Experience using the CRYENGINE, the built-in Mannequin Editor and import pipeline would be useful but not required. We are happy to help bring new team members up to speed if they are unfamiliar with CRYENGINE tools.

  • C++ Programmer (OPEN)
    CRYENGINE and the game are written in C++. Programmers work in the source code to change how the player interacts with the game environment and client-server interaction. The role of a C++ Programmer is very varied with some scope for the individual tasks of a programmer to be tailored to individual preferences.
  • Level Designer (OPEN)
    Level Designers work on creating and modifying multiplayer levels. The game has a strong emphasis on historical accuracy to real world locations and compatibility with tactical gameplay. We use CRYENGINE Sandbox 5.4 which is available for free from
  • Sound Engineer / SFX Artist (OPEN)
    Will be working with sound effects varying from weapons to background ambients and integrating them into the game using Wwise. Experience using the CRYENGINE and built-in Mannequin Editor would be useful but not required. We are happy to help bring new team members up to speed if they are unfamiliar with CRYENGINE tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed a few of the common questions we get asked before or during an application.

  • What happens to my application?
    After your application has been submitted it is reviewed by one of the team who will be in touch shortly afterwards either by e-mail or Discord if you provided a Discord username. The message will either inform you of the next steps before starting your trial if your application has passed the initial vetting or to explain why we can't go any further if you didn't make it through. We don't mind applicants re-applying if your circumstances have changed.
  • It's been a few days - why haven't I heard from you?
    Loathed though we are to admit it we’re only human. We try to reply to all enquiries as swiftly as possible, but sometimes we are caught out by an unusually large number of applications, seasonal vacations or our server eating them. Please check your spam folder for our response and if you don’t hear from someone after 7 days please send a message to one of us directly via our official discord server.
  • What is the trial?
    The trial is normally a single task assigned to be completed in a pre-agreed timescale. In some cases we ask applicants to do more than one task either because we want to give them the benefit of the doubt if they didn’t succeed immediately or because the task is dis-proportionality small or easy compared to other applicants. We will not use assets or work created by unsuccessful applicants during their trial to join the project.
  • How long do I have to complete the trial?
    The timescale for your task will be discussed with you before you start the task. The timescale for every task is different as it depends on both the complexity of the task, your skill and the amount of time you have available. It isn't a race so be realistic when talking about timescales with us.
  • Do I have to join the team to contribute to the game?
    No! Talk to us if you want to help but don’t want to join the team long-term. If you are contributing to the project you will however need to sign a contract so we formally have rights to include your work in the game.
  • Is there a contract? What if I have an issue with it?
    Yes there is a contract. Everyone working on the project has to sign it so we have the right to use their work in the game. We use a standard industry contract so on the whole it is non-negotiable but if you would like to discuss a problem talk to us.
  • Will I get paid?
    No-one on the team is paid or has ever been paid. Everyone works on the game voluntarily in their free time. For us the payment we get from the project is:
    1. The experience we gain
    2. The satisfaction of the community playing the game
    3. The fun we have working together
  • How much time do I have to commit?
    The amount of time you need to commit varies and we expect it to fluctuate over time around real life commitments. We know devs often work on the project entirely in their free time. What is more important is how much you can get done in the time you put into the project. Talk to us about your circumstances if you have any concerns.
  • Working Other Projects/Conflict of Interest
    Our policy on working other projects is based on conflict of interest. We consider each case separately depending on circumstances so there is no hard-and-fast rule but you need to tell us when you apply.

Get in Touch

Please fill out the form below so we know a little about you, your skills and experience.

We will send you a message via email or discord (if provided) as soon as possible to discuss how you can help and answer any additional questions you may have.