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    Vanguard 1944 Play Event! Saturday! 2 EST/ 7 UTC / 11am PST - Server.
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    PLAY EVENT! SAT NOV 30 2019

    Vanguard 1944 Play Event! Saturday! 2 EST/ 7 UTC / 11am PST - Server.
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    PLAY EVENT! SAT 23 NOV 2019

    Vanguard 1944 Play Event! Saturday! 2 EST/ 7 UTC / 11am PST - Server.
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    Hey brother Discord is more active. For US players, join us at Join the | Discord Server! and sign up for Vanguard 1944 notifications in #whosisplayingnow channel. When looking for players, you can tag other Vanguard folks by tagging @Notify Me - Vanguard 1944 and...
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    Sound Additions

    Stand alone OST would be nice. I'd love to purchase it and listen to it when I'm driving or working on maps. Like I do with other great OST's of similiar style.
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    Steam Group

    I have made a Steam Group since some people who don't use Discord or these forums want to be notified there instead. Steam Community :: Group :: Vanguard: Normandy 1944 Please join and spread the word.
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    Sound Additions

    - Add battle/gunfight/tank fight ambiences off in the distance (faint) to make the game feel more alive and not so quiet/dead. - Add capturing noise, like, maybe an electronic noise/trinkering noise or radar/radio noise
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    A few suggestions on first impression

    Thank you for adding some of these!
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    Update 0.5.7 – Coming Friday

    VERY EXCITED. Keep up the great work!!!
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    The Hi I'm New Thread

    While most of my favourite WW2 games are from 2004. I am VERY excited for Vanguard. I run the Discord community. Join us! I run the Vanguard 1944 server for North America. But we also have many European members! Hope to see you guys in game!
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    Backer & Game Update

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    A few suggestions on first impression

    PLEASE let us cancel the capture of objective. Playing 1 vs 1 and such right now is almost pointless as an attacker when you can't get out to defend yourself. Everyone I have played with has mentioned this. Must have!
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    Map Ideas Thread

    Narvik in BFV is beautiful. But since its not 1944, does that count? Haha.
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    I believe it would also be a good idea to own these domains and have them redirect/forward to vanguardww2. A lot of people call the game Vanguard 1944 (V1944). In terms of internet search presence and marketing? Update Steam Group Name and Info - I know it might not be frequented as much as...
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    A few suggestions on first impression

    - MAP BUG LION - Building with the fire in it has some floating bricks at the top. Missing faces on the model perhaps? Also the fire should kill us perhaps, or, be blocked off. - Grenade count in the HUD does not increase when you reload ammo using ammo supply box - MAP BUG Merville - truck...