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    The finishing touches

    Thanks for the update guys, the game is looking good so far!
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    Steam Page Live!

    Great news!
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    Continuing the advance

    This is a very important process which i believe is missing from a lot of the new releases, glad to hear it and keep up the great work!
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    simulation ?

    If you aim for historical accurate equipment you should be aware that british paratroopers on dday typically carried Sten MkVs as their submachineguns, not Mk2s nor thompsons. The thompson was a popular weapon among commandos instead but they used the earlier 1928 models, not the newer M1A1s for...
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    Feature – Raid Intro Video

    You made it, congratulations!
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    Feature – Raid Intro Video

    This is getting really close, best of luck to you.
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    What changed from TW to Vanguard?

    I doubt you know how normal capture the flag works...
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    Kickstarter Roundup – Week 1

    Suppresion effect looks sweet, but didn't you have a sten mk. v model for the british paras? maybe im misremembering
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    What changed from TW to Vanguard?

    I would consider myself part of the "old guard" having played ww2 online, project reality, invasion 1944 (arma 2), resistance and liberation, hidden and dangerous 1 & 2, red orchestra ostfront, darkest hour, forgotten hope 1 & 2, arma 3. Pretty much every ww2 (and not) tactical shooter, you name...
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    What changed from TW to Vanguard?

    Ever heard of the capture of pegasus bridge or the assault on the merville battery mr. historybooks?
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    Kickstarter Launch! - Onwards and Upwards...

    Fingers crossed for a successful kickstarter campaign, i take it that if it is a success the game is expected to release on early access in december 2018 (according to the rewards)?
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    Back in Action

    But the thompson was a favourite among commandos, their signature weapon if you will
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    Back in Action

    Thanks for the update, will the commandos be using thompson smgs?
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    Large scale tactical shooter VS small scale choke point focused drivel

    Personally i think there are quite a lot of large scale ww2 fps around, i'd very much enjoy a smaller scale game focused on "commando raid" style gamemodes
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    Turning Over a New Leaf

    I'll be honest with you, i didn't see this coming, im looking forward to this game now more than ever! best of luck to you and the rest of the dev team!