Build 499: Patch Notes

This update adds squad status to the HUD and replaces the NCO order menu with a new more intuitive interface based on your feedback.

  • New: Replaced toolbar NCO order menu with right-click menu
  • New: Squad status to HUD
  • Fixed: Map icons changing size on map zoom
  • Pegasus Bridge
    • Fixed chateau objective not being capturable
    • Fixed fences being too high to jump
  • Carpiquet
    • Fixed missing house in town orchard
    • Refined sight-lines around town orchard area to reduce ability for defenders to camp
  • Lion-sur-Mer
    • Redesigned spawn protection on phase 2 of variant 4 to prevent German players becoming trapped near Chateau
    • Increased British waves by +1 on variant 0 to improve balancing

New squad status in HUD

  1. Cursor sometimes get stuck on screen. ALT+ENTER can fix this issue for some users.
  2. Steam overlay opens when Alt+Tab back into the game. (Workaround: Change game window mode to full screen window or windowed in Graphics settings)
  3. Cursor and icons can “ghost” over the screen after playing for some time. We are actively investigating this bug. Please let us know if it happens with as much detail as possible

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