Build 513: Patch Notes

Summary of Changes:
  • Updated: ‘Ping’ markers now ignore glass at short range
  • Fixed: Reinforcement available audio no longer repeats
  • Merville Battery
    • Improved spawn protection for German spawn on variant 2
  • Lion-sur-Mer]
    • Improved spawn protection for British on variant 1
  • Pegasus Bridge
    • Fixed: Barbed wire around Gliders

[h4]Known Issues[/h4]

  1. Cursor sometimes get stuck on screen. ALT+ENTER can fix this issue for some users.
  2. Steam overlay opens when Alt+Tab back into the game. (Workaround: Change game window mode to full screen window or windowed in Graphics settings)
  3. After extended period of playing, rendering glitch can occur and leave trail behind cursor and other icons. Game restart is required.