BETA 259: Community Test

The following change log highlights changes since the previous community test and reflects only the most recent changes and not the full change log for the REINFORCED update. The full change log will be released alongside the public launch of the update.

Experimental Feature: ‘Hardcore Mode’

Since launching onto Steam Early Access we have found that players either love or hate the ability to spectator team mates after dying.

This test build includes a new experimental server mode which we have (quite imaginatively) temporarily called ‘hardcore mode’. This mode disables the third person spectator camera option for dead players, limiting them to fixed camera positions and instead displays the spawn menu on death.

We would welcome feedback on this new feature including suggestions for a better name!

Please report all bugs and issues you encounter in the #feedback channel on so we can investigate and fix them.

  • Added: ‘Hardcore Mode’ server option to disable third person player spectating by dead players
  • Added: Server command gl_setNextLevel to override of next map in queue
    (gl_setNextLevel <map name> <night/day 0/1> e.g. gl_setNextLevel Pegasus 0)
  • Added: Server command gl_nextLevel to force server to next map in queue – disabled after first half of first phase.
  • Added: Custom weapon audio effects for MP44
  • Added: Auto-detection of screen resolution to options list of game resolutions
  • Added: Timeline of news and events to main menu
  • Added: Warning that players cannot swim on entering the water

  • Crash: Fixed crash when disconnecting after objective capture
  • Crash: Fixed German team crash at end of game when changing to/from low player mode

  • Fixed: Map debug overlay appearing for players
  • Fixed: Scoreboard for ‘eye in the sky’ always being displayed from the winning team perspective
  • Fixed: Scoreboard scaling bug for resolutions with vertical height < 1080px
  • Fixed: Missing helmet texture for Canadian players
  • Fixed: Exploit on Merville Battery allowing players onto roof
  • Fixed: Player not being respawned if killed between reinforcement being called and reinforcements being spawned
  • Fixed: Grenade collisions on Pegasus Bridge allowing grenades to be thrown through gaps in structure
  • Fixed: Missing phrases in options menu
  • Fixed: Last stand spawn delay notification
  • Fixed: Missing spawn points on Lion variant 1 in third phase
  • Fixed: Slider on options menu not working at certain resolutions
  • Fixed: Missing texture coordinates on optimised version of chateau walls
  • Fixed: Fullscreen/windowed setting is no longer overridden when changing resolution
  • Fixed: Players getting stuck in connection loop if connecting while map is rotating
  • Fixed: Server browser vertical positioning on resolutions not equal to 1080px
  • Fixed: Incorrect game over reason being sent by server
  • Fixed: Bug finishing/cancelling objective capture would cause weapon to fire in some circumstances
  • Fixed: Headshot stats displayed as ‘-‘ on stats page
  • Fixed: Misalignment of rank progress bar on stats page

  • Changed: MP44 weapon handling to make it easier to aim
  • Changed: Increased visibility of floating objective markers
  • Improved: Discord integration for players in main menu

  • Removed: Deprecated g_nextLevel server command (replaced by gl_nextLevel)