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    The finishing touches

    Better to get it right first time , rather than release with more bugs than players can cope with and then the haters will jump in and say I TOLD YOU SO!!. Can't wait to start playing (but will wait as long as it takes) Keep up the great work guys
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    Continuing the advance

    We have waited this long, so I reckon we can wait a wee bit longer as it will all be worthwhile once it's finally here. (don't suppose there is any chance of helping out with the Beta test? LOL)
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    A word on ammunition.

    If we are going for realism, then it will be down to the individual to judge what ammo he/she has used and try and make sure they don't run out when it is really needed. I would also think that there will be resupply points available somewhere. At the end of the day, this isn't your normal shoot...
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    Website Feedback

    I think you have done a good job with both.
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    How will team work be encouraged within and between squads?

    I would think that a lot of Clans will be using this game, and then you will have the lone players that if they join a clans section then they would have to follow the section leaders orders, or get kicked out of the section. I reckon that a lot of 'team' players will also purchase the game and...