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  • Hi mate!
    People are saying that the Submission Application is dead - they get an error.

    It was decided not to post on Crymod this time partly because they never seem to have a nice word for us but also we felt that Crymod wouldn't appreciate what we are trying to do with the article.
    Might be worth posting that update in your crymod thread rather than waiting for them to update which we know takes about 10 days! Classy stuff chaps :)
    hey Naga sorry i havent been in touch for a while my internet over in Spain was down for a bit, my pc still hasnt came yet, hopfully soon so i can get cracking on helping out with the mod. Hope you understand cheers.
    hey mate,

    I've got a few demo models lying around my pc that were going to be used for a different project:

    I managed to do a few variations, if you guys are interested in using them for a destruction test then give me a yell and i'll pack them up and send them over to you. Complete with .max files.

    Share the wealth as they say :)
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