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[AT Mine] French Mle 1936

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Hello there, lately I have been really getting into modeling and texturing for modding in FH2 (3ds Max 9 is the last supported exporter for modding in BF2). So I took a bunch of tutorials ranging from modeling to uvw unwrapping. Like some people, I never really took a serious look at poly + tri count. That will come later.

I got started with the French anti tank mine, namely "Modele 1936 AT Mine". Hopefully in the future I can place some neat decals on this and get the model in FH2! :)

Here are some of the references I looked at:
Mine Legère Mle1935/1936

The wireframe

In Bfmeshview

Render in 3ds Max, including specs and normals. Here's how it looks! :D

This is all very WIP (almost starting out with) and I hope to make it better. I am looking for feedback from the community. Hope you like it!
Not open for further replies.