Marketing and Increasing the playerbase


Vanguard Backer
Hello once again, my friend and I took part in the Saturday stream event from around 7PM to 10PM BST (the server crashed) and I must say I had a great time. However side stepping the gameplay issues, I'd like to talk about the marketing and playerbase of the game. The playerbase as it stands, is very small and if things don't change, I fear this game may die which would be a real shame. Luckily, there are things we can do to fix this.

1) Give streamers and big youtubers lots of steam keys so that they can effectively fill one or two servers to show the real potential of the game. This negates the reliance on randoms to populate your servers.
2) Hold regular events on the weekend (which you're already doing) and allow normal players to ask the devs questions.
3) This suggestion is more of a gameplay solution but I think it could work. Increase the amount of time that players spend on each map. At the moment, games end far too quickly before the firefight has really begun. From my experience if game sessions end quickly, people lose interest just as quickly. I'd suggest increasing the waves (for both attackers and defenders) and make it so that all objectives have to be taken to advance to the next sector.
4) Advertise the forums both here, on steam and the discord. Try to build the community up because the forums on here at the moment are a bit of a ghost town.

This is all I can think of at the moment, if anyone else has any ideas please post it below!
Who is playing at the moment? If it’s only the backers and their friends who were passed keys then the game must have too few players.
For the game to attract the usual fps players it must be the type of ‘rush and die’ game that is popular at the moment. This would be a divergance to perhaps a mini-game, with typical small map and closely grouped spawn points. Could you take a look at Fortnite and used the same philosphy? How was Arma able to attract players? even though it had so many bugs at launch is was unplayable for the first two weeks after launch.
Vanguard at the moment lacks the smooth feel of a main title, with a clunky interface.
Who are the streamers and You Tubers that you have in mind? How is that not giving out keys randomly?
A free key that works for a short while might work, further down the roadmap. A key that only gives a taster of the game, such as only one map, or only one player type can be selected could also work to make people want to buy the game. Anything to give them a taster.
I had a couple of hours on the server tonight and really enjoyed it again. I saw several players come and go. I was wondering if players would stay on longer if you were to let them play more than one match on a map before it rotates to the next map.