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Match recorder

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Hello everyone,

Back in the day, in Red Orchestra (Ostfront, not Stalingrad), you could record demos in game. These were essentially battle replays, which you could then watch any time you'd want. However, the function was slightly glitchy, which could lead to you not having a helmet on, or fire a shot from an invisible weapon. The best one I've encountered was riding along in a floating Tiger turret (beat that FH2 Hovercrusader).

Anyway, what I wanted to ask is: is it possible to have something like that, somewhere down the long road? Or is it just sheer lunacy?

Discuss away!


Could be a neat feature, but what about the resulting lag? While it could be cool, I also don't think it's at all necessary.



Yes yes yes yes yes yes!

With my future PC Master Race I will not encounter such pleb(by) problems! :D


yes, why not?. The problem is how much code it needs and it's not a priority, I think. Maybe in future chapters could be great
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