Beta Footage


Before 2018 draws to an end we wanted to share some footage captured during recent testing and an update on some of what’s going on behind the scenes.

Beta Testing

Although the ongoing closed beta is targeted, it is providing vital feedback and balancing data. Keeping the testing to a small scale allows us to focus on specific areas of testing which we need to push the game forward as quickly as possible.

The ongoing testing of the game has led to numerous tweaks, performance improvements and changes.

The most significant change which has emerged is to the Raid game mode. Prior to beta, after an objective is captured all players were relocated to the next objective to reduce the travel time. We found that this broke up the flow of the game and felt disorientating and frustrating to players.

As a result of the feedback we have removed this mechanic and moved the objectives closer together so players can now fight continuously but still don’t have long periods of walking between objectives. We have however left enough space to manoeuvre and give squads options for their direction of attack.

Gameplay Footage

We wanted to share some footage captured during a testing session just before the holidays so you can see how the game looks right now. The voice chat used for this test was via Discord as we are still implementing our own integrated voice chat.

Forum Badges

We have recently added forum badges for eligible backers and opened a backer forum exclusively for backers of all tiers. If you haven’t already registered on the forum or responded to the backer survey it’s not too late. If you have any problems accessing the private forum please contact us either on Kickstarter or via the forums.


Finally we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year. We look forward to sharing a lot more news and updates before seeing you on the battlefield in 2019! We are also planning to stream a test session in the New Year and we will announce details in due course.