Livestream Video / 7 Days until Release!

Last week we made another first in our development of Vanguard, by livestreaming one of our closed beta test sessions. There were of course a few bugs, but it allowed the community to see an uncut version of the game and how it will play when it launches into Early Access next week on April 5th. If you missed the stream you can rewatch it below: 


Next Friday Vanguard will launch into Early Access on Steam. This is a huge moment for us, and we really look forward to (finally!) seeing players and the community playing the game. 

So what is happening this week? Well we are continuing our beta testing sessions, as now is not a good time to slack on those! We are still making some tweaks to the game and quality-of-life improvements that will benefit everyone on launch, and as our launch build is not yet final it means we will still add in little bits before Friday. We will be pushing content (including an Early Access launch trailer) onto our social media platforms, so make sure you give us a like, share and retweet as well!

And then in 7 days on Friday April 5th, Vanguard will launch on Steam Early Access!

What do I do then?

Well it is hard to say, but one thing that comes to mind is to play the game. You may even bump into a developer on a server, though we will be busy bug fixing and troubleshooting to help as many people to enjoy the game as possible. 

Do not forget to submit any issues you find to us on either our official support forum or Steam forum.

You can also help spread the word of the upcoming launch by posting about us on social media, talking to your friends, hyping your clanmates & baffling the person sat next to you on the bus.

What next?

The Early Access launch is clearly a big milestone, but it is really a new beginning for the game. We will be monitoring, updating and changing the game over several months. We will continue to listen very closely to player feedback – what you like and what you are not keen on – so we can improve the experience. We will of course be adding new features and elements to the game, and we will go into further detail on what this will entail in the next couple of weeks.

We look forward to seeing you on the battlefields next week! We hope you are looking forward to trying out the game, and appreciate your patience in getting to this stage. Onwards to Early Access!