Build 514: Patch Notes

Join us for our last event of 2023 for a special winter event on Sunday 17th December at 7PM UTC. […]

Strategic Shift: Reinforced

The “REINFORCED” update will bring Canadian and elite German forces to the game on a brand-new map, Carpiquet Airfield. The airfield was the location of heavy fighting during the Allies push towards the city of Caen and a critical objective of the Allies during the Normandy Campaign.

April Update: v0.6 Feedback

Since the last test we have focused our energy on a few key gameplay points and we wanted to break down some of the major changes which have resulted in the upcoming build.

March Update: Carpiquet

Over the past months we have continued our hard work on v0.6 which will add Canadian Forces, the new map Carpiquet Airport, in-game map, leader boards and numerous tweaks, changes and balance improvements.

Version 0.6 Dev Blog

Over the past weeks we have continued our push towards 0.6, the first major content update for Vanguard since the game hit Steam Early Access. With only a few weeks left of 2019 we have finally had to admit we aren’t going to be able to release the update before the New Year.

Dev Blog

Since our last update, 0.5.9 we have been hard at work behind the scenes working towards the largest content update since the start of Early Access.

Before we talk about what comes next it’s time to address the elephant in the room… server population.

Update 0.5.9 Released

Today we have released a comparatively small, but still important update to the game. This patch brings all important bug fixes and stability improvements following the very successful release of 0.5.8 a couple of weeks ago.

Update 0.5.8

Today we are releasing the latest quality-of-life update to the game 0.5.8 which brings persistent stats tracking to the game for the first time and a reworked objective capture experience.