Community Event!

Will be hosting our first community event this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Come join the developers on the battlefield!

  • 7PM BST
  • 8PM CET
  • 1PM PDT
  • 2PM EDT

We have been working around the clock (literally) since the release of the game to fix a number of crashes which were not found during beta testing.

We’ve released 3 client hotfixes, 1 client patch and a server patch since launching the game 24 hours ago to address crashes and add support for more resolutions requested by players. Since we have published those hotfixes, we have seen a dramatic decrease in the number of crashes that the players are experiencing while we are working on more fixes that will release very soon. You can find the changelog below.

This is just the first day for Vanguard and we are hard at work to improve the game and respond to your feedback!

Build 221
Client hotfix
- The servers on the server browser are now sorted by player count and ping by default
- Added additional resolutions on the options menu
- Fixed missing localization on the credits
- Fixed an issue where it was impossible to select a server while the dedicated server was still refreshing
- Fixed 3 client crashes

Build 222
Client hotfix
- Fixed 2 client crashes
- Fixed VOIP volume slider on the options menu

Build 223
Client hotfix
- Fixed 4 client crashes