Build 488: Patch Notes

Game Tip:

Frag grenades (keybind: ‘2’) are extremely dangerous and if thrown too close will hurt the thrower. They will also disorientate players nearby when they explode, making them just as essential as smoke grenades when attacking a prepared position.

  • Added: ‘Attack’ or ‘Defend’ label to head of HUD
  • Changed: Kit options are now displayed to players not in a squad, but only selectable after joining a squad
  • Fixed: Map was openable under game menu
  • Fixed: Cursor issues with game menu and spawn menu
  • Fixed: Killzone on phase 1 of Carpiquet
  • Removed: ‘settings’ and ‘disconnect’ options from spawn menu (now in game menu (ESC))
  • Weapon can fire when clicking items in the new game menu
  • Cursor sometimes get stuck on screen. ALT+ENTER can fix this issue for some users.
  • Weapons and hands are temporarily invisible when first entering a map after a major update or install. Please be patient while the caching completes.
  • Cursor and icons can “ghost” over the screen after playing for some time. We are actively investigating this bug. Please let us know if it happens with as much detail as possible

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