Community Event – 23rd July


Ahead of the next event we have continued our rebalancing of the game and introduce experimental ‘capture stages’ to objectives.

Capture progress is now divided into stages, which once completed are saved even if the capturing player is killed. This is intended to improve the attackers vs. defenders balance and encourage defenders to defend objectives more closely, as attackers can can make progress without completing the capture.

What’s new?

We will post the changelog on Steam ahead of the event. Keep an eye on the game news feed on Steam.

The next event

Regular fortnightly community event OPEN TO ALL. Play with your friends, meet the devs and fellow community members on the battlefield.

You can also optionally sign-up at in the #events channel where you can also sign up for notifications of future events and get a 30 minute reminder before the event starts.

Note: This event will run on Saturday 23rd July from 7:00PM UTC+1 to 8:30PM UTC+1. The event time on the Steam page should be displayed in your local time

How to I do Join?

This event will be on the latest pre-release beta of the upcoming “REINFORCED” Update on the ‘0.6-beta’ branch.

You can change branch by right-clicking the game in your library, selecting properties, opening the betas tab and entering the password ‘slowrampdrop’ before clicking ‘check code’ (important). Then select 0.6-beta from the dropdown menu.

Warning: If you are switching from the public to beta branch it is a large update of 10GB as we have made a huge number of cumulative changes which affect the whole game.