Build 495: Patch Notes

In this update we release the first phase of major changes to Carpiquet which brings improved balancing, accuracy and detail to the map. We have also made backend changes to how we protect spawns, which gives us far more flexibility in level design in the future.

Updated area of Carpiquet

  • Fixed: Crash reports not being registered
  • Updated: Backend improvements to spawn protection to allow more flexible level design
  • Pegasus Bridge
    • Fixed wall potential wall hacking to all objectives following success of the last event experiment
  • Lion-sur-Mer
    • Reduced distance between attacker’s spawn and objective on phase 2 of variant 4
  • Carpiquet
    • Updated area to right-hand of Canadian spawn area (see image)
    • Increased cover at entrance to airfield
  1. Cursor sometimes get stuck on screen. ALT+ENTER can fix this issue for some users.
  2. Steam overlay opens when Alt+Tab back into the game. (Workaround: Change game window mode to full screen window or windowed in Graphics settings)
  3. Cursor and icons can “ghost” over the screen after playing for some time. We are actively investigating this bug. Please let us know if it happens with as much detail as possible

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