Saturday Skirmish – 29th June

Our events usually runs every fortnight. As always we are keen to get your feedback either in the comments here on Steam or on our discord community.

[h5]You can also optionally sign-up in #events at, to get a 30 minute reminder before the event starts, find future events and regular updates dev posts about what we are working on behind the scenes.[/h5]

[h4]How to I do Join?[/h4]
This event will be on the latest pre-release beta of the upcoming “REINFORCED” Update on the ‘0.6-beta’ branch.

You can change branch by right-clicking the game in your library, selecting properties, opening the betas tab and selecting 0.6-beta from the dropdown menu.

Warning: If you are switching from the public to beta branch it is a large update of 9.7GB as we have made a huge number of cumulative changes which affect the whole game.