Build 515: Patch Notes

The snow has thawed and the team is back with the first event of 2024:

Saturday 27th January at 19:00 UTC

Join us for this and for future events, which run every other weekend as they did throughout 2023.

You can sign-up for events, get notified of new events and discuss the changes with the team at

Summary of Changes:

  • Fixed: Crash when player uses voice chat while level loading
  • Removed: Snow from maps from winter event
  • Merville Battery
    • Rebalanced spawn positions of first objective
    • Fixed level exploit

Known Issues

  • Cursor sometimes get stuck on screen. ALT+ENTER can fix this issue for some users.
  • Steam overlay opens when Alt+Tab back into the game. (Workaround: Change game window mode to full screen window or windowed in Graphics settings)
  • After extended period of playing, rendering glitch can occur and leave trail behind cursor and other icons. Game restart is required.