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A massive thanks!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Gents

Can I start by saying that this game is SOOOOOOOOOO needed!!! The detail Is simply amazing!!! Cant wait to get to see more of it.I haven't even looked in the forum yet,just the vids etc.Im part of a Grp of 6-7 that usually play arma and flight soms(CloD,BoS) so theres 7 new members straight away(thanks Flash).
Ive been to Pegasus Bridge(ex 2 Para) and the detail is stunning :) I'd love to help out in some way( perhaps you should here me on comms ,cor blimey Guvna!!!

Great work

Cheese(not Cneese) :(


Welcome to TW [MENTION=3239]Cneese[/MENTION] (Cheese), glad to have you here man! I think you'll enjoy your stay :D

General Naga

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Welcome to the community @Cneese and thanks for the kind words! :) Always nice to see a new faces joining the community - especially ones who have worn the Red Beret.


Welcome Cheese!! Hope you enjoy the forums! Besides Arma do you play PR?

God, you guys have no idea how bad I want to play this game... This is the first time I've been hyped about a game. It's like all this waiting and the update teasers are killing me!!!
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