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I'm sure a lot of you have played the game called 'Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad' and 'Rising Storm'.
In these two games, when a player dies they start screaming in pain and a lot of times the player model crawls a bit and tries to cover his wounds while screaming. The developers removed most of these animations and screams after the BETA because it was ''Too brutal for a game''.

Here is a video that has the in-game sounds of Americans in Rising Storm. The German voices are more sad but the video is not around anymore, so I guess this is all we got.

The first time I played the game, I remember a player getting up from his trench. He was about to jump out when I heard machinegun Fire. The player's body fell down in the trench crawling and screaming something in German for a minute or so until he bled to death. I was stuck there staring at this, feeling sick in my stomach... but at the same time I loved it. It was the first time in my whole life as a Gamer that I caught myself whispering 'Jesus Christ'.

I know it is hard to implement, especially trying to make the sounds as realistic as Red Orchestra but I would love to see this in Traction Wars sometime after the official release. It makes the game a lot better and let's not forget that Red Orchestra 2 is well known for being a ''PTSD Simulator''.
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I wasn't part of the RO2 beta and this is the first time I've heard of this, so I would love to see a video of this in-action. We have some convincing death animations but nothing to the extent Tripwire implemented.


Yes, here is a video of POV [video=youtube;GgDUEvcY_yY][/video]


It's like watching Band of Brothers or The Pacific with my eyes closed... hahaha that **** is intense! It would be weird...

I mean, it would also depend in the scenario, imagine you're doing a stealth operation to the bridge, walking slowly, and the one of the guys gets shot... keeps rambling and rambling, then all the Germans can hear him and you are all discovered because of one guy who won't be quiet... I guess it would become very annoying!
Well, I guess screaming and rambling would be a natural reaction to getting shot, especially if there's a lot of blood spewing out or a limb nearly detached. And the shot itself could and would alert the garrison anyway.


We have some convincing death animations
Always good to hear these snippets of info from you guys :)

I think...

1) If you're dead dead, you don't talk but make gurgling sounds.
2) If you're severely wounded, you talk... but not for too long. No more than twenty seconds, perhaps?
I vote "this would be great" Pain is a part of war. My overall opinion is that the game should not be a beauty image of war. And its kinda disrespect if the game try to paint a beauty picture of the war. I also think that if you get hit by one shot and killed instantly the hole screen should turn black like a blink of a eye and the sound should to mute, for 5-10 second. I think it will have a very strong effect.


Agreed, I am however, more concerned about the weapon sounds. No, I more specifically mean how weapons shot from a distance sound. I can't wait to hear what them guns sound like tho' kar 98k <3 BAR <3...

Okay, I think I'm done fan girling.


Yeah, I'm keen to see some new weapon demos... the current ones are Brit weapons from 2013. Plus, I've seen them about a billion times, even in slow mo ;) I'd kill to see the updated animations/sounds they have now... and, perhaps, some German weapons? I'd love if you guys showed us some German stuff... we don't see much :(

And speaking of the weapon demos, please, please, please slow down the bolting? We're not Chuck Norris...


I think those screams are fearful! Cmon, i am scared right now! But i would like to see (or hear) them in game, because they do a lot in the fight for the life. You are alive and surrounded by screaming people. Then you feel nervous because in seconds you can be one of them and, in case, you are worried for the painful soldier you were impersonating. It is what it happens to me in RO2 :) tell me i am mad please

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Expanding on the death animations, not all people would die from one hit of a bullet or a mortar. As you see in band of brothers, not all of them died straight away but ended up struggling. So if a mortar hit you, you wouldn't die instantly, sure you'd lose a leg or two, but you'd end up struggling on the floor. If this was implemented into the game, I think if the player was hit by a mortar or bullet in a spot that wouldnt kill them instantly, they should fall onto the floor and struggle, being able to call a medic atleast once before dying of either blood loss or shock, or being saved by a medic. I also think the medics should be able to drag soldiers, to get them behind cover. If you see in this video from band of brothers, Toye at 1:50 is down, struggling from a mortar wound but is taken away.


I'd love to see a drag system, where severely wounded players can be dragged by a teammate. No many times as a medic in PR, I've wanted to drag my patient behind cover!


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Death in shooters can also be seen as combat ineffective. When you loose two legs you can't really join the fight by a medic patching you up. That's why lot of games just say "he dead"


I think there will be,for the people that cant go with a mic. Also, wasnt it that hand signals (using your hands to communicate in silence with your nearby squad) will be implemented?

Oh,and for me adding screams to the game would be and will be great,but dont make that everytime someone dies he screams for more than 5 seconds. One problem would be a mortar shot that kills more many men at the same time. Imagine a soldier next to where they died or got wounded hearing like 6 voices at the same time. Weird

And of course,I dont think that if you get hit right in the head and instantly die you have time for screaming for more than 2 seconds. A light "Ughhh" or a little breath would be great for those cases. For the wounded,yea,long screams would be the best. An example:

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