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Game Update – 0.5.5

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General Naga

Pathfinder Games
This week we bring the fifth quality of life update to the game since launch. As we discussed in our feature roadmap article we have been focused on short term bug fixes and responding to feedback over the last few weeks.

We are nearing completion of the short-term features on the roadmap and so will be switching to a longer patch cycle after the release of 0.5.6 next week. The following update, 0.5.7 is expected 3-4 weeks later which will include some new features which require more exhaustive testing than a single week allows.

We are also at work on 0.6.0 behind the scenes but we will talk more about what that brings in the future.

BETA 238
Version 0.5.5 Change Log

Thank you to everyone who has provided us with constructive feedback. We read all of it even if we don’t respond to all of it. If you have a crash and get prompted to submit a crash report – please submit it so we are notified and we can look into the cause.

Known Issues:
  • Graphical glitches and missing weapons when joining the game for the first time
  • Decals can be stubborn and cause texture glitches
  • Very rarely a player be stuck in spectator mode while in pre-game. You can workaround this issue by opening console using ` and typing kill into the console and hitting enter. Close the console using
Key Changes / Highlights:
  • Audio Options
  • Toggle option for leaning
  • HUD improvements
  • Add volume sliders to settings menu
  • Added option in control options to lean by toggle rather than press-and-hold
  • Reduced delay before the first last stand player spawns from 20s to 6s
  • Fixed players being able to fly while waiting for other players
  • Fixed orbit camera in spectator for players joining mid-game
  • Fixed spawning bug in pregame team deathmatch
  • Added HUD icon if there is no NCO on the team
  • Added description to spectator view to explain when you can spawn
  • Fixed issue where entire team dead events weren’t triggering if the last player alive on a team disconnected from the server
  • Added warning to objective capture UI element that you cannot stop once capture is started
  • Fixed missing localisation strings
  • Fixed missing player markers on some team mates
  • Added g_languageOveride cvar for translation debugging (must be set in system.cfg)
  • Merville Battery
    • Relocated objective B on phase 1
    • Fixed some missing objects around phase 3
Moving around the Pegasus map tonight 10/5/19 -
footsteps were mostly excellent, and maybe we can expect sloshing for water in the future;
some lights and lamps can be shot out, hopefully the others can be programmed later;
some lights are not casting a shadow;
shadows generally are excellent;
very liked movement over the bridge motor room;
a jump from the bridge platform should not kill a man;
the running should go a lot longer without being out of breath.
Is it time for you to plan to have the game on a PC Gamer magazine DVD or attached to the pdf? There are many opportunities to offer the game download, now it is running a more smoothly.
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BEX64
Application Name: vanguard.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 5ba7c121
Fault Module Name: CryLobby.dll_unloaded
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 5cd08ae6
Exception Offset: 000007fee96e7f4d
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Data: 0000000000000008
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional Information 1: 76a1
Additional Information 2: 76a173c26a6dc2e3cd83ac8fd9f8bdb9
Additional Information 3: 41fb
Additional Information 4: 41fbd1a876cc63524d83b98161d89dae
On Saturday 11/5/19. :coffee:
Joined Merville Battery, day, and had a look round. Very liked the sense of movement around the area and it was immersive. The 'run before breathless' distance is unrealistically short for a para and should be at least doubled.
Glitches and bugs. "Replace me" globe floating near a half track; footsteps on mud sound like tarmac near the half track; fence in the air near an invisible barrier (edge of map).
Please show player position on the map (at Escape) or it's not a map just a photo. Could this have been on the short term fixes?
Crash on exit:
The instruction at 0xde7c15b3 referenced memory at 0x00000040 could not be written.
Fault Module Name: CryLobby.dll_unloaded - probably the same as yesterday's (above).
Please have somebody design a 2019 interface for the game because the content is looking good.
Assuming these posts are being read . . . .
Merville map: tyre texture on lorry is the road; grass growing through crate.
While roaming around, I was shot (very poor grunting sound affect) but there had been no notification of another player joining the server.
Pegasus map: grass growing through trench side.
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