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Hello community, quick question about capping.

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Fresh off the proverbial boat here and another defector from H&G. I have a quick question about the capping system. Obviously skirmish maps will probably follow the same free for all cap style that they usually follow. I was curious if anyone would know, on the larger maps will it be a similar free for all system like battlefield, or a numeric cap system. I.E. A1, A2, A3 cap style similar to H&G? ( maybe the one thing the devs got right ). I ask this because Battlefield feels like it simulates capture points in a death-match ( everyone is running around with no discernible rhyme or reason ), while the numeric system feels like it portrays a front line better.

Keep up the great work, game looks great.

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I haven't played H&G but the capture point system but our system is very flexible so it will depend on the map.

I suspect though that most maps will have some form of restriction on the order in which strategic points can be contested.


Welcome mate! I think the way it's going to work is that you have to take a flag, and once you do that you have to get to the other one, like Project Reality.

On a side note and don't want to be a partypooper but in this subforum, General Discussion, there're at least 7 "Hello..." which are not related to what this subforum is about ("Traction Wars Game related discussion here."), just saying...
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