Map Ideas Thread


Operation Jupiter: Hill 112. On 10th July 1944, the British launched Operation Jupiter in an attempt to capture the villages of Baron-sur-Odon, Château de Fontaine, and Fontaine-Étoupefour, and recapture Hill 112. The hill was heavily defended by the 9th and 10th SS Panzer Divisions, including Tiger Is of the 102nd SS Heavy Panzer Battalion. It was assaulted by the British 43rd Division, but after two days of fighting, the British had endured 2000 casualties, and the hill remained in German hands. It was not captured until Operation Cobra gained momentum in August, when the Germans were forced to withdraw. Over the course of the month, the hill had been captured and recaptured by both sides, and had resulted in around 25,000 British casualties, and the loss of over 500 British tanks.

FYI devs, I am killing myself not knowing what the fourth map is, with it's "unique weather" xD
Narvik April 1940 for a port attack. British, Poles and French vs. German sailors and wehrmacht. No heavy weapons except a French tank if you like (stuck on the beach). Optional extras: Royal Navy ship guns on call if you implement radios; strafing by Stukas.
Now, could the devs put some kind of tick on a bug report to show it's been read? Especially for players like Legacy who is making a lot of effort to help.