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Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger

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My High Poly tiger tank model its takes 34 hours to make

T?GE TANK !.jpgtiger rendered.jpgEkran Al?nt?s?.jpg

pls leave comment And also i want to join TW dev team


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It's a start but needs much work. I would suggest checking as many reference photos as you can. Although your photos are small, the things that pop out at me most are that the proportions you have for the chassis are much too large, and the turret much too small. This photo should show you a good idea of how it should look from the front:

Also, for some nice detail drawings to scale and compare to your model, and work from there to correct it, see here:

Pz.Kpfw VI Ausf.E Tiger (late production model)

Also, your chassis upper body is slanting wrong. It should get wider as it gets to the engine block, whereas right now it gets wider as it goes to the front. That's one big reason the proportions are so far off. If you can post higher resolution images, I can go into more detail other issues.

It also looks like you attempted an early production Tiger, with the larger profile copula. Whilst a noble effort, you have greatly misjudged it's shape. Again, see here for references on how it should look and be sized in comparison to the rest of the tank:


And here's a good pic of one of the Tigers captured in Tunisia, with that same early production copula:

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