Post some of your favorite songs here!

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[MENTION=2108]Aniallator[/MENTION] remember that when the round ended in PR some guy just playing this and I told you it was some Mongolian guy? :D

To Hell and Back - Sabaton

Not only the music is excellent but the topic of the song is very interesting. It's about Lt. Audi Murphy, a soldier that fought in WWII and received every military combat award from the US Army. After the war he had to deal with PTSD and addiction to sleeping pills and morphine. To get rid of of his addiction, he locked himself in a motel room for a week and actually beat it.

When music and history gets combined, the result is ****ing incredible.
From "The Eagle" OST: The Return of the Eagle - Atli Orvarsson.
Tremendously beautiful song!



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[MENTION=2108]Aniallator[/MENTION] [MENTION=2433]FlyingR[/MENTION] You guys like soundtracks?

Let me introduce you to...

THE 1960s BRITISH WAR MOVIES! Some of the greatest soundtracks ever. Some of my favourites:

Where Eagles Dare - A marvellous score - worth a listen all the way through the whole soundtrack.

Battle of Britain - one of my favourite movies and a great soundtrack. Best ones are the main theme, Aces High March, and Battle in the Air, all in this playlist.

Aces High March:

Battle in the Air:

633 Squadron - a rip roaring soaring theme song:

Other good ones are Guns of Navarone and The Great Escape if you want to watch some of these movies.
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